KeyCDN Content Network Delivery Giveaway

Our friends at KeyCDN are offering three chances to win a 1TB account with their content delivery network service. So if your website could do with a speed boost, this is one giveaway you won’t want to miss.

Why You Need a Faster Website

There are many reasons why you’ll want your website to load as quickly as possible. However, the three main benefits of a faster website are:

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Better user experience
  • Improved conversion rates

Whether you’re selling and promoting products and services from your website, or you just want your visitors to spend more time on your blog, you should be doing all you can do make your pages load faster.

How a Content Delivery Network Can Help

KeyCDN Giveway Map

One way to speed up your website is to make use of a content delivery network (CDN). Using a CDN will help improve loading times by storing the files of your website in data centers strategically placed around the world. The CDN will dupicate those files and then send a copy to each of the data centers in their network.

Now, whenever a visitor accesses your website, the files from the data center nearest to them will be loaded. With less distance to travel, this helps to noticeably reduce the time a visitor has to wait for your pages and content, such as images, videos, and whatever else you’ve published, to load.

Not only does storing the files from your website in multiple data centers reduce page load times, but it also increases the reliability of your site. The process also adds another layer of security to your web hosting configuration which wouldn’t otherwise be present.

Why Use KeyCDN to Speed Up Your Website

KeyCDN Dashboard

With many content delivery network services to choose from why use KeyCDN. Well, one good reason is that using KeyCDN to speed up your website is very straightforward.

Although duplicating your website files and distributing them to multiple data centers around the world might sound complicated, the KeyCDN service is almost entirely hands-off.

After activating your account and installing the free KeyCDN plugin or integrating the service with your caching plugin of choice, you won’t have any ongoing work to do. After the initial setup, each time you add a new post or page to your website, that content will be copied in the background, and sent out to each of the KeyCDN data centers.

You won’t have any extra work to do and the only difference your visitors will experience is improved loading times and a faster website.

For those that want to get more involved with the service, KeyCDN offers a user-friendly dashboard as well as real time monitoring and reporting to help you keep track of how the service is performing.

With network locations all over the world, it doesn’t matter where your visitors are based, with KeyCDN, there is a good chance your content will be closer to them.

If you aren’t lucky enough to win one of these 1TB account, KeyCDN offers some of the lowest pricing around, while also offering one of the fastest services.

How to Win a 1TB Account with KeyCDN

To enter this giveaway and stand a chance of winning a 1TB content delivery network account with KeyCDN, simply use the widget below to enter the draw.

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    1. Site speed is indeed important and a good CDN like KeyCDN can definitely help take the strain off your server and serve your assets faster.

    1. This won’t help your website look cool (for that I recommend purchasing one of our themes), but it will make it faster!

  1. Potentially very useful stuff, I’m sure that my clients would notice it’s presence and appreciate new sites’ speed 🙂
    And I’m impressed by your awesome giveaway widget 😀

  2. Content Delivery Networks are not new, but i’ve never experienced using one. The purpose it serves seems promising. I definitely want to try it out and speed up my site.

  3. I want to win so that I can speed up my blog. I don’t have the money to invest in a CDN so this is my best chance.

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