TalentDesk vs Worksuite

The TalentDesk Alternative For Enterprise Companies With a Growing Freelancer Pool

TalentDesk fits brands working with a handful of contractors. Worksuite shines for companies that need a custom tool to onboard, manage, and pay 100s or 1000s of freelancers, at scale.

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"As we scale our business, Worksuite creates new solutions. Worksuite allows us to automate several functions which in turn eliminates a lot of duplicate tasks."

Nicholas Roach Project Manager at FloSports

Enterprise companies choose Worksuite
to manage large contractor teams

Managing freelancers gets
harder with each new hire

TalentDesk is built for companies managing a smaller list of freelancers. As your list grows and your internal processes get more complex, TalentDesk can affect the relationship with your freelancers:

  • It gets harder to find the right talent for each project
  • You lose track of freelancer availability
  • TalentDesk controls freelancer payments — not you
  • Other companies can find and steal your best talent

Worksuite adapts to the way
you and your freelancers work

Source, onboard and pay as many independent contractors as you need. Create custom onboarding and management flows that save you time and money at scale.

100% payment transparency

Pay freelancers in bulk, taking control of how each person is paid. Worksuite is not a payment intermediary.

Keep your private freelancer list private

ITalentDesk shares your best talent with others. Worksuite helps you build 1-on-1 relationships with freelancers.

Showcase your brand, not others

With TalentDesk, freelancers see TalentDesk’s brand first. Worksuite is a white label platform that won’t take the spotlight.

TalentDesk vs Worksuite feature comparison

Control on how you source, manage and pay freelancers, with Worksuite

Business model
Public marketplace

Your contractors are shared with
other companies

Private marketplace

Your relationship with your
contractors is private

Payment transparency
Intermediary model

You lose control of
payments to TalentDesk

Direct model

Choose how to pay your
freelancers 1-on-1

W9/1099 form generation


Takes care of tax information
collection and IRS E-filing

Global payments

+150 countries
& +55 currencies

+190 countries
& +120 currencies

Time tracker

Built-in time tracker

Availability tracking

Instant availability
alerts via SMS

White-labeled portals

Branded colors, logos, emails and domains

Zapier Integration

Stay connected to all the tools you use

API Integrations

Sync Worksuite with your tools and processes

TalentDesk vs Worksuite feature comparison

Worksuite reveals hidden
insights about your freelancers

Workforce analytics

Visibility into key workforce metrics

Background checks

Flag risky profiles and ensure adherence to policies

Financial reports

See where your spend is going & minimize cost-per-hire

Resourcing insights

Track feedback, engagement, and identify staffing gaps

Time-based intelligence

See historical data and improve your hiring targets

Worksuite is for businesses with a growing talent pool and complex processes

Manage 100s or 1000s of freelancers with ease

Increase onboarding speed by 70% using automated workflows. Ensure compliance and get everyone ready to take on projects, without adding to your team’s workload.

“With the help of Worksuite, we have managed to reduce the time it takes to onboard candidates and freelancers by up to 70%.”

Kristian Melson, UK and European Operations Manager at Copylab Ltd

Make freelancers feel
like they belong

Invite freelancers to a branded portal. Build a stronger connection between your talent and your brand.

“The big bonus was the branding. Everything coming from us now has our voice and our branding on it. It feels very custom and very specific to our freelancers.”

Allen Larson
VP of Talent Acquisition and
Resource Director at Jack Morton

Save hours of manual
work with integrations

Worksuite syncs with Zapier and offers API integrations. Watch your payments, projects, tasks, and documentation data move seamlessly between applications.

“Worksuite's team has helped us customize our experience and has been integral in helping automate some of our processes by connections through API's with our other internal systems.”

Michael McCoy
Contingent Workforce Manager at The Motley Fool

Use analytics to know who to work with and when

Discover your best performing talent. Stay on top of workforce metrics to get projects done faster, reduce spend and ensure compliance.

“Worksuite gives you greater visibility into the skillset of your talent.”

Kevin J. Gray
President and Chief Content Officer at Westchester Education Services

Avoid wasting hours asking for availability

Send messages to your independent contractors at scale. Worksuite automatically updates their availability based on a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

“I like that freelancers can set up their own profiles and set their availability, so I know at a moment's glance who will be best for a particular project.”

Nate B.,
Editorial Manager

Turn timesheets into payments with one click

Freelancers use the built-in time tracker to create timesheets without leaving Worksuite. Approve timesheets and pay freelancers without juggling between apps.

  • Easy onboarding
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Save hours of admin time

“I’m now able to do more strategic work instead of dealing with payments issues,”

Eva-Marie Costello
Mentor Operations Manager at Springboard

“We used to have a fragmented system that involved using several tools for freelancer management. We are now able to fulfill all of these duties using one single platform, which drastically cuts our admin time and creates a smoother, more consistent workflow.”

Justine S. Freelance Manager

24/7 support with extensive enterprise experience

Get 24/7 live chat support to resolve any issue. Having a dedicated support manager at your side means you’ll get help exactly when you need it.

  • Easy onboarding
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Save hours of admin time

“The support team is always available to walk you through and create solutions for all the different kinds of things you're trying to create. Whether it be custom onboarding workflows or reporting or feature suggestions, Worksuite works quickly to make things happen.”

Christine Jeanine Nielsen
Resource Manager at Vested

Easily switch from TalentDesk with done-for-you migration

Using spreadsheets, TalentDesk or a different tool? Our Solutions Experts will migrate and organize your full list of external workers to make the switch effortless.

Implementation hours are included in all plans.

"If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and automate, Worksuite is the platform for you to use. If you manage a lot of contractors – this is the future.”

Cyon Williams Senior Director of Operations at FloSports
TalentDesk vs Worksuite

Frequently Asked Questions

TalentDesk is designed to manage small-scale remote workforce operations. Problems crop up when your freelance team starts to scale as TalentDesk lacks the flexibility you need. Instead, Worksuite offers solutions with greater configurability, custom payment methods and superior analytics to help you onboard, manage and pay your scaling freelance teams.

With Worksuite, your payments reach freelancers on time, in the currency of their choice. As soon as your freelancers get timesheets approved, an invoice will be raised and you can make the payment yourself or schedule it on Worksuite.

While Worksuite is a robust freelance job monitoring software to manage your growing contractor network, it might not be for everyone. If you're managing around 10 to 25 contractors, you could get away with using manual spreadsheets or basic task management tools.

If you want to see an increase in productivity and ensure remote professionals are paid on time, without overwhelming managers, Worksuite is probably one of best TalentDesk alternatives.

Worksuite is a Freelance Management System better suited for companies managing hundreds and thousands of freelancers at once. One of the key benefits of Worksuite is that it can be customized to fit your internal teams’ processes, no matter how complex they are. Worksuite is built to simplify remote workforce management and talent sourcing, while being incredibly user-friendly, even for the less tech-savvy.

Absolutely, yes! You can get a free demo of Worksuite by contacting our sales team.