Stoke Talent vs Worksuite

The Stoke Talent Alternative
to Nurture Your Private Contractor Network

With Stoke Talent, you risk other companies stealing your best contractors. Worksuite is a personal, private marketplace to manage your global talent and keep them engaged for the long-term.

14-day trial. No credit card required.

"One of the reasons we went with Worksuite is because it’s going to allow us to scale and meet our needs as we continue to grow as a company. That’s a huge thing off my plate now that I don’t have to worry about."

Sherrill Cole Project Manager at T&T

+350K freelancers managed by the top brands in the world

With Stoke Talent, your
contractor relationships are not exclusive

Stoke Talent is owned by Fiverr. Their business is offering talent to global clients all over the world. This means:

  • Your best freelancers and contractors are offered to other companies
  • Stoke Talent puts a wall between you and your contractors, removing transparency

With Worksuite, your contractors
are never exposed to other clients

Good contractors are hard to find and harder to keep. Worksuite helps your freelance workforce stay private and available to work on your projects.

Complete control over your contractor roster

In a public marketplace, other clients can access your talent pool. With Worksuite, you manage a private roster of freelancers.

Transparent payment processing

Stoke Talent acts as a payment intermediary. With Worksuite, you pay each contractor directly, keeping things transparent.

Significantly lower payment fees

Stoke Talent charges 3%, 5%, and up to 10% fee. Worksuite has a fixed payment fee of $5 per invoice + 1% of your spend.

Build long-term relationships with
your contractors using Worksuite

Run a large-scale operation without overwhelm

Businesses that use Worksuite manage up to 2,000 contractors (or more) over a year without issues. Having your best freelance talent details in one central place reduces errors and saves time.

"If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and automate, Worksuite is the platform for you to use. If you manage a lot of contractors – this is the future."

Cyon Williams
Senior Director of Operations, FloSports

Manage the people and the projects they’re working on, too

Worksuite integrates with your project management tools to support your entire lifecycle — something Stoke can't do.

“Not only did Worksuite fill the majority of our needs out of the gate, they had the flexibility to say, Hey, we don’t have that, but we can build it and customize it to your needs.”

Scott King,
National Install Manager, Ferguson

Save up to 10 hours a week asking for availability

Track and get availability updates instantly. Contractors let you know in seconds via SMS if they’re available to start a new project.

“That cut off probably eight hours of sourcing and calling and reaching out to people – huge time savings and money savings.”

Allen Larson
VP of Talent Acquisition and Resource Director, Jack Morton Worldwide

Bill accurately and save time paying contractors

Time is money for you and your freelancers. Have Worksuite convert timesheets into invoices at the click of a button and pay your contractors in seconds.

"Getting bogged down in payment processing hindered our ability to give our broad community of coaches the individualized support and personalized assistance they need to succeed. Not having that 3-day payroll process hanging over our heads at the end of every month is very helpful."

Malaika Drebin
Senior Coach Community Manager, BetterUp

Zapier and API integrations

Do more with Worksuite integrations. Connect Worksuite with 5,000+ apps — automate your workflow and free up time for what matters the most.

“Worksuite has taken a very manual process and made it much more automated; it’s easy for us to use and to onboard large numbers of contractors without huge costs.”

Conor Heaney
Managing Director, CXC Global Americas

Choose the best people for the job, based on data

Gain visibility into your external workforce operations and metrics. Reduce costs, stay compliant, and make informed decisions.

“I would tell anyone working in a gig economy-based environment with a large pool of freelancers, that Worksuite gives you greater ease of communication with teams, and greater visibility into the skillset of your talent.”

Kevin J. Gray
President and Chief Content Officer, Westchester Education Services

"In the beginning, I contacted everyone through emails. So after a while, I was at like 60 or 70 people who I was managing through emails. But now everything goes through Worksuite, I don’t have to deal with emails at all. The time saved from going through 300 emails to checking a neat little list? That’s been amazing"

Ágnes Surján Content Manager at Drops
Stoke Talent vs Worksuite feature comparison

Worksuite keeps you
closer to your contractors

Business model
Public marketplace

Your contractors are shared
with other companies

Private marketplace

Your relationship with your
contractors is private

Payment processing
Intermediary model

You pay Stoke Talent, they
pay your freelancers

Direct model

Pay contractors directly
for 100% transparency

Workforce BI analytics

Understand who your best contractors are

White labeling

100% customization

Zapier integration

Stay connected to all the tools
you use

API integration

Sync Worksuite with your tools
and processes

Stoke Talent vs Worksuite pricing comparison

You pay up to 10% fees with
Stoke Talent vs 1% with Worksuite

Onboarding and managing freelancers

Core – 3% fee
based on monthly payments

Premium – 5% fee
based on monthly payments

Sourced – 10% fee
based on monthly payments on talents sourced through Stoke Talent

Starts as low as

$5 + 1%
per invoice

Stoke Talent vs Worksuite pricing comparison

Estimate your payment fees

Calculator simulator

Use the sliders to estimate your rates with Worksuite vs Worksome

How many contractor invoices do you get a month?
What’s your monthly spend on contractors?

Easily switch from Stoke Talent
with done-for-you migration

Using spreadsheets, Stoke Talent or a different tool? Our Solutions Experts will migrate and organize your full list of contractors to make the switch effortless.

Implementation hours are included in all plans.

"Worksuite helps keep everything in one place. You don’t have to run and chase things down. You’re organized, and able to look ahead to figure out what contractors are needing or wanting – you have everything right there at your fingertips.
The amount of time Worksuite has saved our organization is astounding.”

KayCee Reed SME Relationship Manager at Lone Star Analysis
Stoke Talent vs Worksuite

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really. Worksuite is a private freelancer management software that won’t make your independent contractors publicly available to be poached by other companies.

On the other hand, Stoke Talent is owned by Fiverr. Stoke Talent makes money when you source qualified talent from their public pool of freelancers and contractors. This is why they push clients to source on demand talent from their platform, which is shared with any other company that subscribes to them.

While Worksuite doesn’t offer a public marketplace to source freelancers from, you can invite as many contract workers as you want to join your Worksuite platform. Worksuite lets you source freelancers from anywhere you want. Once they accept, you can manage their onboarding, timesheets, payments, and reporting — all from one place.

Worksuite’s payment solution is optional. If you subscribe to our Global Payments Processing solution, you can pay external workers in just a few clicks. Whether you're paying one or thousands of independent contractors, you can do so in seconds, wherever they are in the world. Worksuite lets you raise timesheets, manage invoices, get approvals, and track budgets, all from one centralized place.

Worksuite is an external workforce management tool that helps effectively manage every aspect of your freelancer collaboration from one place. Once you invite your creative talent on the platform, you can establish statements of work, task management, track work progress, and sign off on timesheets automatically as needed, making Worksuite an ideal solution to manage your entire creative community of remote workers at scale.

While Worksuite is a robust freelance job monitoring software to manage your growing contractor network, it might not be for everyone. If you're managing around 10 to 25 contractors, you could get away with using manual spreadsheets or basic task management tools. If you want to ensure your contract workers are paid on time, without getting overwhelmed, Worksuite is probably one of best Stoke Talent alternatives.

Worksuite is better suited for companies managing hundreds and thousands of freelancers at once. One of the key benefits of Worksuite is that it can be customized to fit your processes, no matter how complex they are. Worksuite is built to simplify global employment and talent sourcing, while being incredibly user-friendly, even for the less tech-savvy people in your teams.

Worksuite helps teams be more agile, productive, and innovative, regardless of their industry. Companies that regularly use Worksuite include those in marketing, digital publishing, creative industry, consulting, editorial management, education, travel, software development, and more. Get in touch with our dedicated support team to learn how Worksuite can help your use case.