The Deel alternative that goes beyond hiring

Worksuite is the
end-to-end contractor platform

Deel is all about hiring. Worksuite goes further, making it easy to onboard, manage, and pay contractors at scale.

14-day trial. No credit card required.

Worksuite is the all-in-one freelance management platform


“Prior to Worksuite, onboarding was a very manual process and we spent inordinate amounts of time chasing contractors
and contingent workers
for the necessary
compliance documents.”

Connor Heaney Managing Director at
CXC Global Americas


“[Worksuite] is helping massively with our onboarding processes and keeping our freelancers' details and skillsets, which makes searching for the right people a
lot easier.”

Kristian Melson UK & European Operations Manager at Copylab Ltd


“I don’t have to deal with emails
at all. The time saved from going through 300 emails to checking
a neat little list? That’s
been amazing.”

Ágnes Surján Content Manager at Drops


“Worksuite makes it easy to track project details across multiple projects as well as monitor feedback and reviews.”

B Okabe Operations Associate at Jack Morton Worldwide


“Our hiring managers need to approve spending on a weekly or monthly basis. Now they can see in real time how much money they’re spending.”

Michael McCoy Contingent Workforce Program Manager at The Motley Fool


“I’m now able to do more strategic work instead of dealing with payments issues.”

Eva-Marie Costello Mentor Operations Manager at Springboard

Hiring a contractor is only the first step

And that's as far as Deel will get you.

Deel focuses on one thing: ensuring compliance when hiring workers abroad. But managing a global network of contractors involves a lot more that Deel can’t handle:

  • Tracking projects in real time
  • Finding the right talent for your projects
  • Knowing who’s available and who’s not at all times
  • Automating payments for 1000s of contractors at once

Manage contractors at scale with a
true, end-to-end platform

Onboard, track, engage, and pay your freelancers: all from a single place.

Take freelancers from
“hello” to getting paid

Deel is a compliance-first tool. Worksuite goes beyond hiring and lets you manage contract workers at all stages.

Avoid having
to hire everyone

Deel makes the most money when you hire employees. Worksuite lets you manage contract workers without hiring.

Create your own
branded portal

We’re the opposite to “one-size-fits-all”. Customize Worksuite to match your brand and processes.

Deel vs Worksuite

Onboard, manage, and pay
contractors with Worksuite

Save hours of manual work with custom workflows

Create automated workflows to onboard new contractors. Get them to provide every necessary document to stay compliant, from tax information to digitally signed NDAs, without you sending a single email.

“It’s a huge thing to have all paperwork under one system so we can reference it. This was not in a centralized location before, it was all over the place.”

Michael McCoy
Contingent Workforce Program
Manager at The Motley Fool

Find the right freelancer for every project in seconds

Worksuite puts all your freelancers at your fingertips, in a searchable directory. Sort profiles by location, skills, rates, and availability to quickly find the best fit for your projects.

“When it comes time to find the right freelancer to pair with a client, not only do I have all the information about their skills, I also know how much it’s roughly going to cost – and that’s really useful.”

Christine Nielsen,
Resource Manager at Vested

Save up to 10 hours a week checking for availability

Contractors can send availability updates via SMS. Cut down on email — reach out to multiple freelancers at scale and get instant responses.

“That cut off probably eight hours of sourcing and calling and reaching out to people – huge time savings and money savings.”

Allen Larson
VP of Talent Acquisition and Resource
Director at Jack Morton Worldwide

Auto-assign projects with time-saving automations

Coordinate work with dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of contractors. Track project budget, assign work to the right global teams, and automatically generate invoices from completed tasks.

“I like that you can create a project with numerous tasks. This way, the freelancer has access to all information about the project. It's also a bonus that they can invoice as each task is completed.”

Rachel Griffin
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Increase payment transparency with a built-in time tracker

Freelancers can record time spent on projects directly in Worksuite, or enter it manually. Review and approve timesheets in a few clicks, and make sure your contractors are paid on time.

“Many have never tracked time before so this is a super helpful tool instead of building out something Worksuite already had. Thus ensuring marketers are paid on time and paid for the time they worked!”

Zachary Capozzi
Talent Success Associate at MarketerHire

Pay as low as $5 + 1%
per invoice

Deel charges you $49 or $99 per contract, per month — no matter how much work you get from your global talent. With Worksuite, you pay a fraction of your monthly spend, without the need to employ contractors.

“They have a flexible pricing model which is a good fit for our organization.”

Vlad Alexandru
Director Of Business Development at
AMC Ro Studio

Ensure compliance with local laws in any country

With Worksuite, every contractor is fully aligned with local laws. Get IDs and documents automatically verified in 39 languages. Keep your business and your IP safe with tailored contracts.

“We love Worksuite. According to my team, it’s made their job so much easier, it reduces the time that they’re spending actually chasing up contractors, and it also gives them visibility into compliance for each contingent worker.”

Conor Heaney, Managing Director
at CXC Global Americas

Make strategic decisions based on critical workforce metrics

Track your budget, contractor spend, and cost per hire. Calculate future spend and minimize risks by identifying compliance issues before they become a problem.

“It’s really nice that we were able to say “Hey, we need these data points” and Worksuite was able to pull them out”.

Christine Nielsen
Resource Manager at Vested

“Worksuite is the future. You can manage your own work database, your payment solutions, and your [contractor] ratings all in one spot.”

Cyon Williams Senior Director of Operations at FloSports
Deel vs Worksuite feature comparison

Worksuite helps you manage general
contractors from compliance to payments


For employment

Best for hiring part-time and
full-time employees

For contractors

Best for working with
outsourced freelancers



HR & compliance docs

HR & compliance docs

Onboarding process flows

Background screening only

Custom workflows to gather documentation according to your specific needs


See skills, services, rates &
availability for contractors


Freelancers can upload and
update their portfolio

Project management

Availability tracking

Track availability via SMS

Task management

Assign, track, and manage tasks

Budget tracking

Track spend & budget across all projects

Time tracking

Built-in time tracker


Approve and create invoices from timesheets



Pay in 90 countries

Pay in +150 countries and +120 currencies

Deel vs Worksuite pricing comparison

Avoid paying per contract — manage
unlimited freelancers with Worksuite

Pricing model

Pay $49, $99 or $599
per contract per month

The more you grow, the more you pay

(as low as)

Manage unlimited freelancers at a fixed price

Worksome vs Worksuite pricing plans comparison

Estimate your payment fees

Calculator simulator

Use the sliders to estimate your rates with Worksuite vs Worksome

How many contractor invoices do you get a month?
What’s your monthly spend on contractors?

24/7 live customer support
that won’t leave you waiting

When dealing with payments and sensitive information, not being able to reach customer support can be very frustrating.

  • Easy onboarding
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Save hours of admin time

“The customer experience from the team at Worksuite has been remarkable. They are so responsive. They make us feel like we’re the most important client they have. It’s a great product, with great service.”

Allen Larson
VP of Talent Acquisition and Resource Director at Jack Morton Worldwide

Easily switch from Deel with done-for-you migration

Using spreadsheets, Deel or a different tool? Our Solutions Experts will migrate and organize your full list of contractors to make the switch effortless.

Implementation hours are included in all plans.

"Worksuite did everything we needed it to, and more. They have been remarkable in helping us design this platform to be perfect for us."

Allen Larson VP of Talent Acquisition and Resource Director at Jack Morton Worldwide
Deel vs Worksuite

Frequently Asked Questions

A Freelance Management System (FMS) is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage their freelance and contingent workforce efficiently.

Contractor management software helps you work faster and automate processes, saving hours of admin work per week. Think of time spent sending emails to multiple users, raising timesheets, sorting compliance documents, and sending manual payments. With Worksuite, these tasks will now take seconds.

Not really. Worksuite is a private contractor management system that won’t make your freelancers publicly available to be poached by other companies.

While Worksuite doesn’t offer a public marketplace to source freelancers from, you can invite as many contract workers as you want to join your Worksuite platform. Worksuite lets you source freelancers from anywhere you want. Once they accept, you can manage their onboarding, timesheets, payments, and reporting — all from one place.

While Worksuite is a secure, all-in-one platform to manage your growing contractor network, it might not be for everyone. If you're managing around 10 to 25 contractors, you could get away with using manual spreadsheets or basic task management tools. If you want to ensure your contract workers are paid on time and are treated the same way as your full-time employees and other remote teams, without getting overwhelmed, Worksuite is probably a good fit for you.

Our global payroll platform solution lets you compliantly hire employees without the commitment that comes with setting up foreign legal registrations. Save time by letting Worksuite handle payroll, benefits, and employee management with our Pay and Global Shield solutions.

Absolutely yes! Use Zapier to integrate Worksuite with your favorite project management, messaging, and accounting tools. You can also build specific integrations via the Worksuite API.

Our partners are companies managing a large global network of project managers, freelancers, and contractors, mostly in the editorial, media, entertainment, technology and e-learning industries. Some of our notable clients include Netflix, Sony Playstation, VOX Media, and Skyscanner.

Worksuite is a simple, easy-to-use contractor management software. Worksuite makes it easy for small and medium businesses and even large companies to onboard and manage cross-border payments for freelancers across the globe, with just a few clicks. Take care of local laws compliance, reporting, and project management in a fraction of the time. From small businesses, medium sized businesses to the world's biggest organizations, A complete solution with powerful key features and flexibility for every stage of business growth, Worksuite is one of the best Deel alternatives.

Absolutely, yes! You can get a free demo of Worksuite by contacting our sales team.