Worksome vs Worksuite

The Worksome Alternative to
Hire Global Experts, Wherever They Are

Worksome is only available in limited countries. Worksuite gives you freedom to onboard, manage, and pay freelancers and contractors, anywhere in the world.

14-day trial. No credit card required.

“After implementing Worksuite, Prodigious is now able to successfully and instantly find and manage all their external talent from across all of their locations, ranging from graphic designers to storyboard artists, on one single platform.”

Luc Labadie CIO at Publicis Prodigious

+350K contractors managed by the top brands in the world

It’s hard to manage global freelancers on a platform that’s not built for you

Worksome is focused on building a marketplace for freelancers, making them the core of their business. This means you have to play by their rules:

  • Paying up to 8% on payment fees
  • Sourcing contractors from limited countries
  • Sharing your curated network of experts with others — including competitors

Worksuite helps you onboard, manage, and pay freelancers from all around the world

Work with contractors worldwide. Simplify onboarding, compliance, and payments with a tool that aligns with your needs.

Curate a private
contractor database

Avoid exposing your talent to a public marketplace. Keep contractor relationships private, with Worksuite.

Work with freelancers
in every country

Onboard and pay contractors wherever they are. Ensure compliance with local laws
in any country.

Save up to 8X
on payment fees

Worksome charges up to 8% for sourcing freelancers. With Worksuite you just pay
$5 +1% per invoice.

Worksome vs Worksuite

Easily onboard, engage, and get work done
with 10s, 100s or 1000s of experts

Save time on admin
work with custom
onboarding workflows

Make onboarding a breeze — even if you work with thousands of contractors. Set up workflows that match your processes. Collect information, portfolios, and get NDAs signed without sending a single email.

“With the help of Worksuite, we have managed to reduce the time it takes to onboard candidates and freelancers by up to 70%.”

Kristian Melson, UK and European
Operations Manager at Copylab Ltd

Automate bulk payments for your external workers

Schedule and automatically pay contractors at scale across +190 countries. Ensure everyone gets paid on time, in their currency of choice. No delays or errors that could cost you valuable talent.

“If you’re looking for a comprehensive platform to help you pay and manage contractors and their contracts with compliance – Worksuite is the best product out there.”

Michael McCoy, Contingent Workforce
Program Manager at The Motley Fool

Ensure compliance with local laws in any country

Worksome can verify compliance in a limited set of countries. With Worksuite, every contractor is fully aligned with local laws. Get IDs and documents automatically verified in 39 languages. Keep your business and your IP safe with tailored contracts.

“We love Worksuite. According to my team, it’s made their job so much easier, it reduces the time that they’re spending actually chasing up contractors, and it also gives them visibility into compliance for each contingent worker.”

Conor Heaney, Managing Director
at CXC Global Americas

Connect to your favorite apps via Zapier & API

Sync Worksuite with the apps you already use for messaging, accounting, and project management. Build any custom workflow you need via API.

“There are integrations that we’re really excited to use, like Asana, which we didn’t have before, and Slack, which we didn’t have before. Connecting all of these tools that we use religiously is great.”

Michael Kuhn, Production Manager at Apartment Therapy

Find the talent you are looking for in seconds

Scan thousands of profiles. Filter by location, services, and custom categories. Bookmark your most used searches. Find the right person for every project in seconds and check if they’re available via SMS.

“That cut off probably eight hours of sourcing and calling and reaching out to people – huge time savings and money savings.”

Allen Larson, VP of Talent Acquisition and Resource Director at Jack Morton Worldwide

Invite freelancers to a platform that matches
your brand

Brand Worksuite with your logo and colors. Set up your own domain and personalize emails to keep everything aligned with your brand identity.

“The big bonus was the branding. Everything coming from us now has our voice and our branding on it. It feels very custom and very specific to our freelancers.”

Allen Larson, VP of Talent Acquisition and Resource Director at Jack Morton Worldwide

“If you’ve got a large freelance workforce, Worksuite will absolutely transform how you engage with them. And it will make your freelancers feel that they are a valued part of the workforce, because you can communicate with them easily.”

Elaine Morris Head of Production at ITN
Worksome vs Worksuite feature comparison

Worksuite lets you pay
contractors with a few clicks

Time tracker

Freelancers track time outside the tool



Freelancers track hours and send a bill to review and approve


With time tracking built-in, invoices are auto-generated from timesheets

Payment API

Set custom alerts, updates, and
sync with accounting software

Global payments

~150 countries

+190 countries
& +120 currencies

Worksome vs Worksuite pricing plans comparison

Choose Worksuite and pay up to 8X lower fees

Onboarding and managing contractors

4% fee
per payment processed
Extra 4% fee
to pay freelancers hired through the Worksome marketplace platform

Starts as low as

$5 + 1%
per invoice

Worksome vs Worksuite pricing plans comparison

Estimate your payment fees

Calculator simulator

Use the sliders to estimate your rates with Worksuite vs Worksome

How many contractor invoices do you get a month?
What’s your monthly spend on contractors?

Easily switch from Worksome with done-for-you migration

Using spreadsheets, Worksome or a different tool? Our Solutions Experts will migrate and organize your full list of contractors to make the switch effortless.

Implementation hours are included in all plans.

“The support team is always available to walk you through and create solutions for all the different kinds of things you're trying to create. Whether it be custom onboarding workflows or reporting or feature suggestions, Worksuite works quickly to make things happen”.

Christine Jeanine Nielsen Resource Manager at Vested
Worksome vs Worksuite

Frequently Asked Questions

A Freelance Management System (FMS) is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage their freelance and contingent workforce efficiently.

The main difference between Worksuite and Worksome is that Worksuite is available worldwide. There are no geographic limitations for our clients to hire (or pay) freelancers. On the other hand, Worksome offers its services only in a few countries. This reason only makes Worksuite one of the best Worksome alternatives.

You have the freedom to choose if you want to pay freelancers through Worksuite or not, unlike other freelance platforms. Our global payment solution is acquired separately. While Worksome charges 4% over each processed invoice, Worksuite fees are much lower (only $5 + 1% over each processed payment), having one of the lowest fees among Worksome alternatives.

There’s no limitations on the amount of freelancers you can handle with Worksuite. Actually, Worksuite is designed for enterprises and agencies working with hundreds (and even thousands) of freelancers and independent contractors.

Worsuite is built to work in any industry where a company needs to manage multiple freelancers. Many of our clients are organizations and enterprises in the creative, editorial, and media sectors, managing an extensive pool of external workers (such as writers, editors, illustrators, designers, data analysts, etc). Worksuite is also a great alternative for large agencies working with thousands of freelancers around the world.